Galus Galus

Direction, Screenplay, Production , Production Designer, Art Direction

Selected in 37 Film Festivals


Galus Galus

Winner of Best Animated Short Film in

- 21 San Diego Latino Festival (USA).
- 16 Rencontres du Cinéma Sud-Américain de Marseille (France)
- Pantalla Latina (Switzerland)
- Festival Margarita (Venezuela)
- Icaro(Guatemala).
- FENACO (Peru).
- FICA (Brasil)


CNAC and AWA Productions



About This Project

Maybe, some time ago, he had a family. Maybe once, some time ago, he was loved. Today he is only a shadow, lost amongst all the shadows of the days that begin and no one sees.Until one morning, life walks into his soulless world, and his life changes, and imaginary seas cross each other, and kites play in the sky of a metropolis, Caracas, that is now seen with new eyes, discovering the grace of the daily life.

Animation (Short Film)